We want to provide you with Dried Gentian Roots that meet your expectations :

Your business is looking for high-quality Dried Gentian Roots ?
You want to import Yellow Gentian ?

You have a precise set of specifications ?

  We shall comply to your specifications :

  Gentian : Organic / conventional
  Products : Whole Roots / Cut Roots / Powder
  Packaging : Cardboard box / 25kg bag / FIBC
  Export : International / UE

We prioritize the quality of the Gentian Roots that we deliver to you :

  Roots are cleaned
  Controlled drying process
  Compliance with European Pharmacopoeia standards
  Compliance with each customer specifications

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Yellow Gentian flowers

NB : For private individuals

You are a private indicidual and are looking for a small quantity of dried gentian roots ?
You shall find these roots on racine-gentiane.com !

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